Guelph, OntarioOctober 18, 2017 6:45 a.m. - 8:45 a.m. Delta Hotel, Guelph


To influence our city and community in a positive manner by professionally planning an annual event that brings together our civic leaders to interact with the business community and general public and to provide mutual support and encouragement based on Christian love and values.


The primary purpose is to provide an attractive breakfast setting where the business community and general public can gather for the purpose of appreciating, honouring, encouraging and praying for their civic leaders.

Upcoming events


Prayer Breakfast 2017 with Speaker Deborah Klassen

For over 35 years, whether standing in front of a large audience or singing to female prisoners in Scotland, with authenticity and vulnerability Deborah communicates experiences of life-changing traumas and dark broken places, where faith and hope collide. With conviction she declares how grace, healing, courage, strength, and triumph have intersected it all.

Deborah is a JUNO Award winning artist and powerful communicator. She has performed in places such as Germany, England, Guam, Scotland, Canada, Sweden and the USA.

Earl Klassen’s wife: Mother of two adult children, Ryan and Andréa: Mother-in-law to James: SAVTA [Hebrew for Grandmother] to Master Malakai and Miss Eliana; Daughter, Sister, Friend, Painter, Writer, Gardener, Passionate lover of books and all things beautiful.

Past events


Prayer Breakfast 2016 with Speaker Lorna Dueck

Lorna Dueck has explored the intersection of journalism and Christianity for over 30 years. That curiosity led to the creation of Media Voice Generation, (MVG) a community-held Canadian charity that exists to create boundary-breaking media that reveals Christ. Context with Lorna Dueck is the flagship TV show and online production of MVG. As Executive Producer,…


Prayer Breakfast 2015 with Speaker Gary Doyle

If you have ever heard Gary Doyle speak, you know he is an excellent communicator. Over the last 38 years, he has perfected his ability to relate to the community through talk show radio, and live audience. It was never considered work – it was fun. Gary started his radio career in Kingston at CKWS…


Prayer Breakfast 2014 with Speaker Akua Carmichael

Akua Carmichael approaches every day with an eye on the future. As a wealth planning lawyer, she is a trusted advisor to high net worth individuals, but believes that estate planning is important for every- one and a gift that you give to others. Akua is a sought after speaker for workshops and presentations that…


Prayer Breakfast 2013 with Speaker Herta Von Stiegel

Herta Von Stiegel, a widely acclaimed executive in the global banking industry, shares invaluable leadership lessons. Inspiring and prescriptive lessons learned through leading a diverse group of climbers to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Having held senior positions at Citibank, JP Morgan, and AIG Financial, Herta believes that a good leader should never stay at…